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Energy, strength & health: medicinal herbs go back a long way. Whether for physicians in ancient Greece, Indian Ayurveda therapy, the teachings of the healer Hildegard von Bingen or traditional Chinese medicine: herbs play a central role in natural medicine. Over 250,000 herbs are known to us today which are used to fight a wide range of ailments. The effectiveness of many of these herbs has been proven in scientific studies. Today medicinal herbs and Bach flowers are becoming more popular again due to their gentle and natural effect.

(Old stories tell of how people once watched animals using medicinal herbs and learnt about their effect in this way. An example of this is the chamois, a European antelope which, after being bitten by a snake, instinctively eats a certain herb to inhibit the effect of venom; and bears that know which herbs build them up and give them strength after coming out of hibernation in the springtime.)

Now, for the first time, Terra Canis and its herbal remedies provide the unique combination of powerful herbal plants together with the effect of Bach flowers. These are designed to treat the eight main canine illnesses. They are suitable to accompany conventional medicine, as a special diet over several weeks or as a long-term addition to everyday meals.

gentle diet for stomach and bowel

Diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite – an upset stomach and bowel has several symptoms which often occur all at once. After recovering from a stomach illness, the digestive system needs to be built up again using gentle food. In order to get your dog feeling well again quickly, the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Feeling Comfy’ helps to reduce ailments like stomach irritations and bloating and brings the intestinal flora back into balance. The mixture including mallow, camomile, fennel and rose petals, supplemented with Bach flowers such as Beech, Sweet or White Chestnut calm stomach and bowel – is also ideal as a long-term diet for sensitive souls who have a chronically delicate stomach.

for a healthy coat and bright eyes

Shedding coats, dandruff, itching: dogs can have many different kinds of coat and skin problems. The skin is a dog’s largest organ and fulfils a whole range of functions, some of which are vital. It is a barrier for the immune system, protects from extreme temperatures and regulates moisture. In order to help our four-legged friends and their skin, the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Shining Star’ combines medicinal herbs and Bach flowers for a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy skin.
Medicinal plants, such as red clover, eyebright and viola together with Bach flowers, including Impatiens or Chicory for example, are only some of the valuable supplements which ensure beautiful bright eyes, a glossy appearance and strong claws. It is also suitable for dogs who have sensitive eyes that tend to go red and weep.

a new spring in the joints

Painful joint illnesses aren’t uncommon in dogs. Inborn misalignments, irresponsible breeding, malnourishment, excess weight or permanently over-stressed joints can lead to various ailments in the locomotor system. A classic condition caused by this is arthrosis in dogs. This is degenerative and cannot be cured. Symptoms include lameness, stiffness and permanent soreness. The medicinal herbs and Bach flowers in the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Prima Ballerina’ are well-known for their positive effect on the metabolism of joints and the production of fluid in the joints. It contains devil’s claw which is used for pain relief in natural medicine. The Bach flowers Centaury, Gentian and Wild Rose provide additional support.

resisting rough times with a strong immune system

The immune system needs to recognize which substances pose a threat and which need to be ‘let through’ because they are useful or even show the body’s own structures. An important or extremely complicated task which the immune system masters perfectly! Some days it is put under more stress than others: during and after an illness, suffering in bad conditions or in other stressful situations in a dog’s everyday life. Here the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Bodyguard’ strengthens the dog’s defense and supports the immune system. Suppliers of vitamin C such as sea buckthorn, pomegranate and chockeberry are supplemented with further substances such as cleavers and echinacea as well as a Bach flower Rescue mixture with Gentian – a really heroic combination for the immune system.

when your dog’s kidneys are at risk.

The kidneys – two small organs with a huge job: When healthy, they act as a central filter which controls blood pressure and the excretion of urinary substances. The aim of a kidney diet is to minimize the blood’s protein degradation products. For this reason, food may not contain too much protein and the addition of sodium, phosphor and other minerals in the food needs to be minimized in order to reduce blood pressure and protect the kidneys. The Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘All Cleaned Up’ contains Bach flowers such as Star of Bethlehem, Crab Apple or Wild Oat which are well-known for their positive effect on the kidneys. Healthy herbs such as nettle, birch, goldenrod and restharrow are used in natural medicine to promote the flow of urine and also lessen the occurrence of degradation products which can reduce the symptoms of a kidney illness.

for matters of the heart

Just like us, our dogs are getting older and older, thanks to the advances of medicine, improved feeding and excellent care. But this means that classic age-related illnesses, such as heart disease, are no longer an uncommon sight in our veterinary practices. The heart, the body’s central pump, transports blood through blood vessels using a complex chamber and valve system. In addition to medicinal therapy and a healthy diet with a minimum of salt, dogs can also be greatly supported in ‘matters of the heart’ using natural supplements. Particularly well-known for its heart-strengthening effect is the hawthorn, the central ingredient of the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘On Top Of The World’. Together with other herbs such as gingko, hawhorn and mullein as well as Bach flowers such as Hornbeam, Vine or Rock Rose, On Top Of The World is an excellent supplement for heart conditions, during periods of stress or as a long-term diet for an inborn weakened heart.

courage for scaredy cats

Burnout syndrome is a typical widespread disease which more and more people are suffering from. Figuratively speaking, our four-legged friends are no exception here. Fear and emotional anxiety can make not just us, but also our dogs very ill. A classic example of stress is shown by dogs from animal welfare societies who have often experienced very bad conditions. The hormones adrenalin and cortisone are released during stress. They put the body into a state of alert. Blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates increase while less blood is supplied to the skin, stomach and bowels. This state isn’t a problem for a short period of time, but can cause physical ailments if it consists or occurs more often. The Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Confidence Boost’ helps scaredy cats and sensitive dogs to relax. Classic natural confidence boosters such as lavender, St. John’s wart, hops and passion flower as well as Bach flowers such as Olive, Gorse or Rock Rose create a feeling of relaxation and calm through feeding and are a gentle way of reaching out.

the healthy way to slim down

A round flank and unsightly rolls of fat: being overweight is also becoming a widespread disease amongst our pets and is currently the top most common canine illness. The reason for this is often an unhealthy combination of a permanently filled food bowl and a lack of exercise.

Being overweight damages the entire locomotor system. Ligaments, tendons and joints are overstressed, causing chronic damage such as arthrosis. There is also an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease or organ disease such as diabetes.
The Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Topmodel’ assists healthy weight loss and fat burning. Supplements such as artichokes, birch, yarrow and psyllium are renowned for increasing metabolism, while at the same time linseed, orange and apple fibres help to fill the gastrointestinal tract. Additional support is provided by Bach flowers such as Centaury, Chicory or Mustard.

in cases of sexual dysfunction

If your male dog can’t stop thinking about the dog next door; if he lies awake at night waiting for the love of his life or is simply unable to rest because of his feelings, then there is a simple solution: our herbal remedy Casanova. Traditional herbs such as monk’s pepper, hops and calendula are known for the way they can provide relief when feelings run high, and will bring your male’s over-exuberance down a notch or two so his appetite returns and he is able to sleep. The herbs and Bach flowers contained in Casanova are generally said to have a diuretic effect as well a calming one, which will help to bring a male dog “back down to earth”.

For the respiratory system

Able to breathe deeply again! Terra Canis herbal remedy Luftikus is the perfect solution for irritating coughs, cold symptoms and mild infections of the upper airways. It contains herbs such as thyme, ribwort, echinacea and primrose root, which are known for their analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Even if they are ingested rather than inhaled, the essential oils in the herbs have a mucolytic and anti-spasmodic effect, because they rise up from the stomach as essential vapours to clear the airways. The Luftikus Bach flowers are intended to help the dog by eliminating his fear when coughing, and at the same time calm him and encourage him to let go.

The five natural treasures

Terra Canis Gold Rush unites the finest of oils to create one unique mixture, providing a completely new form of nutritional supplements for dogs. Five premium quality oils: hempseed oil, linseed oil, argan oil, rose hip seed oil and black cumin oil, provide valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. The individual oils are well-known for their positive, healthy effect on skin, coat, eyes, immune system, digestion and metabolism. Suitable for dogs of all ages and all breeds, both as a special diet over several weeks or as a long-term everyday nutritional supplement.

Nature’s golden vein

Terra Canis Gold Vein will make your four-legged friend shine! It combines six very special oils in a unique blend that is an extremely high-quality food supplement for your dog’s diet. The “golden vein” of Terra Canis combines precious hemp oil, rare drops of buckseed oil, soothing evening primrose oil, grape seed oil to boost the metabolism, healthy pumpkin seed oil and traditional sesame oil in the “Strong Six” for dogs. Terra Canis “Golden Vein” contains precious fatty acids and high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. Use as a course of treatment for several weeks or as a daily dietary supplement for your dog.

Meals with a dose of hero

Each product comes with a measuring spoon to measure the exact amount of herbs as per the recommended dose. Mix the herbs into one meal per day (ready-to-eat convenience food, raw food). We recommend letting the meal rest for about 5 to 10 minutes after the herbs have been added to allow them to properly infuse.

The Hero Bakery

You can also use our Herbal Heroes to bake tasty treats. Let our veterinarian Hanna Stephan show you some of the recipes she’s developed. The recipes are flexible, and you can mix things up to use the Herbal Heroes your dog needs

Heroes’ Tea

You can also use the herbs to brew a normal tea by infusing them in boiling water. The optimal steeping time is 5 to 10 minutes. Once the tea has cooled, you can use it to soften dry food or put it straight in your dog's water dish.

The recommended length of time for administering Herbal Heroes varies depending on symptoms and desired effects. If you decide upon a course of treatment, you should plan on a duration of +/- eight weeks. For example, we recommend courses of treatment during or after an illness (Life Guard), for weak, rescued dogs, for weight-loss treatment over several weeks, during shedding (Glow), after the administration of antibiotics (Fit as a Fiddle) or in cases of acute bone or joint injury (Prima Ballerina). If you are looking to prevent symptoms or to boost your dog’s defenses when it comes to chronic and/or age-related suffering by using something more than just conventional medicine (e.g. Fit as a Fiddle, Summiteer, Clean Bug, Prima Ballerina), you should implement a permanent regimen of daily herbal supplements. You should, however, avoid mixing more than two Hero products into your dog's food at the same time to allow their full indented effects to unfold.

Hanna Stephan
Veterinarian at Terra Canis

Hanna Stephan is a veterinarian at Terra Canis, where she is responsible for product development and nutritional advice. She began specializing in canine and feline nutrition shortly after her finals at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover, Germany. In addition to her training in conservative veterinary medicine, Ms Stephan was also always interested in alternative treatments, which she was able to successfully apply in her work at the practice. Together with Ms Rundel she has combined medicinal herbs and Bach flowers and developed 8 products for the most common illnesses in dogs.

Ms Stephan: ‘All forms of natural medicine share a holistic approach. This means that not only individual symptoms but the entire body is treated. The advantage of alternative treatments, in my opinion, is their gentleness. “Healing without side effects” is the main argument and was the motivation for me to realize the herbal remedy project at Terra Canis.’

Birgit Rundel,
specialist at the European Academy for Natural Medicine
and Environmental Medicine

Birgit Rundel is an expert in Bach flowers and medicinal herbs and has developed the best mixture of flowers for our Terra Canis herbal remedies. The production of the Bach flower essences is carried out at Ms Rundel’s company (Bilona UG) using Dr Bach’s original production methods (sun method and cooking method). This enables the fragile plant spirits to be transferred to the mother essences while the secondary plant substances remain outside. The individually defined Bach flower essences are sprayed onto the corresponding medicinal herb mixtures and dried.

Ms Rundel: ‘Keeping the dog’s soul in balance is the main focus of treatment using Bach flowers. The therapy which applies these wondrous flowers was developed in the 30s by the English doctor Edward Bach. He founded the philosophy that an imbalance and disharmony of the soul leads to the body falling ill. Accordingly, Bach flowers start at this point by treating body, mind and soul.’

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